This site is closing.
With great regret, I will have to close this site sometime before the end of this year.

The site has served Bathford since 1996, when it came into being as an addendum to my business site, and was later given its own domain at

I am very sorry to have to close the site, but increasing costs, which for 20 years I have borne at my own expense, make it impossible to justify continuation.

The domain will shortly be available on the open market. However, if any resident of Bathford would wish to purchase the site from me before it expires, it is available for a sale fee of £50.00, with renewal due almost immediately after that. The new owner must also accept responsibility for, and arrange payment of, all Domain Fees immediately on transfer. Hosting arrangements will also be the responsibility of the new owner.

The content of the site, which is frame-based, can be supplied to the new owner if required for a sale fee of £50.00. Please note that there will be conditions imposed on the use of this site content in the future. Details of these conditions can be supplied on request.

Kenneth Spencer
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